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Default Re: X80-BK on a Murray Beach Cruiser - Starting issues and fuel problems. PLEASE HELP

Thank you guys, all of you. I truly appreciate all the help and I'm sure I'll get this worked out the next time I have time to sit down and work on it. (fingers crossed that'll be tomorrow afternoon)

So to respond -

The bowl being crooked on the carb is kinda weird, as I've lined it up and made sure the gasket is seated properly, and although it looks kind of crooked, I thoroughly checked and didn't see any leakage there. I'm thinking that it's going to have to do with what Tom is talking about, because the first time I took the carb apart the tang was stuck in its position. I'm going to have to blow out the engine as well, I have yet to do that. As far as using the other carb, the first motor I got from boygofast is probably going to get sent back, but I'm going to play with the parts of both though to get this right. I have confidence I'll figure it out with all of your help.

Again, thanks guys, you've made me a believer, and definitely a new member that's going to be around to stay.

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