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Default Re: X80-BK on a Murray Beach Cruiser - Starting issues and fuel problems. PLEASE HELP

Originally Posted by crassius View Post
from the pic you've got the bowl on crooked

to adjust float, turn carb upside down, look to see that float sits level on the tangs and that the main jet is just peeking out a bit thru center hole of float
Check what this man is saying about the float bowl being crooked, cocked. This usually happens when the pin that the float tang rides on has slipped and is being pinched between the bowl and the carburetor body. There's a good chance the tang is not swiveling properly and is keeping the float needle valve open which would explain why fuel is leaking above the valve level.

Remove the bowl again and make sure that pin is centered in the body and not overhanging into the gasket area. Also check the float to make sure it has no fuel in it and will float when placed in a container of gasoline.

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