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Default Re: X80-BK on a Murray Beach Cruiser - Starting issues and fuel problems. PLEASE HELP

Due to the fact that the engine had a previous flooding issue, has the engine been "blown out" like crassius suggested?
A flooding carb can easily fill up the crankcase with excessive fuel and the engine will be a no-go until all that fuel is cleared out.
Remove the spark plug and disconnect the mag from the cdi so the cdi will not get damaged.
If a carb is installed, make sure the fuel is turned off and the carb float bowl is empty.
Hold the throttle wide open during the next step. This will allow as much air into the engine as possible to dry it out/ remove the excess fuel.
Pedal the bike for a few minutes with the clutch engaged like you are trying to start the engine. This will let the engine clear itself of the excessive fuel.
Reconnect the mag to the cdi and reinstall the spark plug.
Do not reinstall the carb until you are sure the flooding problem has been resolved.
Why not try the carb from the other engine?
The flooding problem could be a defect with the float needle or needle seat, or the needle has been installed up-side-down.
To check for this, color in the tapered end of the needle with a magic marker.
Reassemble the float needle and float lever/ fork. Hold the carb right side up and tap on the float lever/ fork with your finger 10 or so times. Remove the float needle and look closely for a perfect ring of shiny metal where the needle seat should have rubbed the magic marker ink off of the needle. You will need good lighting and perhaps a magnifying glass to see it clearly. It should be a perfect ring all around. If there are any gaps where the ink has not been rubbed off then either the needle is egg shaped, or there is a flaw in the needle seat.
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