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Default Re: X80-BK on a Murray Beach Cruiser - Starting issues and fuel problems. PLEASE HELP

This may be had to follow but ill try to explain the best I can.

The best way I know to find out if the carb is flooding the engine is to do these steps.

1) turn the fuel petcock/valve off.
2) remove the drain screw that is on very bottom of fuel bowl on carb, allow all the fuel to drain from carb, put drain screw back in now.
3) DO NOT.... turn petcock back on yet. Now get on bike pedal up to speed as if you're trying to start the engine, let off the clutch and pedal a few feet 20-30 with the twist throotle rolled back all the way as if you were giving full throttle.
4) stop and turn petcock to on position for 123seconds and then turn it back off, raise choke lever and now take off pedalling and pop the clutch and see if engine starts up, if it does turn the choke off so that it will idleand now turn petcock back on if engine chokes down and dies within a few seconds you know that the carb is flooding and needs the float either ajusted lower or you have some trash between needle and seat valve in carb not allowing fuel flow to be shut off when float rises, a bad float that has let gas leak into it will cause the same flooding issue.

Hope this helps.

Peace, map
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