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Default Re: 40 mile trip EPIC FAIL.. Please Help

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
K, this is an amazing thread. I don't think we could get 99% of folks here to agree round wheels work best and you have better then that saying to use blue loctite. I have been a member since '08 and a mod since just after some one lost a bet. (that is 27 and a half yrs in dog and 300 in internet years) and not once have I seen such Omani answer or concern.

So, vested by the voices in my head, I dub thee "Special K"

because calling you "Special Ed" would be wrong.
Wow.. uh.. hmm. Thanks.

In all honesty. I really appreciate all yall folks for answering my most newb'ish questions. Most internet forums are full of teenagers griping about $1000 rims they don't own. Yall on ur stuff for real!

So per yall's instruction:
1: One, realized that the rear clamp bolts were stripped out.. I'm replacing them both. The friend who built it also rednecked (no offense) the bolt legnth by adding 2 nuts and a washer. I'll be simply getting the right size from jump, with stronger gauge steel.

Odd Want.
I'm want to make a steel wire cage to close in the engine, so if things wobble aloose again (hopefully loctite works) I'll be able to simply pedal home to fix without worrying about the engine coming off. Could simply cut chicken wire to size, and clamp to frame.. Just a emergency backup.

2: Hitting autozone tomorrow for that fuel line and clamps.

I called some guys at Fat Tire Brother's Bicycle Shop in Kansas IL. They were cool as ice.. Really put it to me straight., "You gotta do some wrenchin' with these bikes" "Ain't no way around it".

I asked about 4 stroke vs 2 stroke for long distance.. He said "Dude, 4 stokes have their issues to." It all depends on the money you want to spend. Real talk.

Thanks again yall.. I'm learning
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