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Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
Unless you have serious cash and like spending it in big batches, a full race china girl is probably not for you. The cost and level of modification required to get the HT even close to the Morini's power make building the HT a waste of time.
The only way you will ever get the ht to run with the Morini/KTM would be to build one from scratch from all billet.
And even then it would need to be totally redesigned with ignition, porting and balancing upgrades.
I agree with you on most everything maniac - but I totally disagree with you here. I have a 66cc china with a 35$ puch head, ported cylinder, massive moped pipe (used $25), 21mm dellorto carb ($35) and hours and hours of tuning and I can totally outrun a friend of mine who has a moroni (not even a clone!) His tops out at like 35-40mph. I know this may be a rare situation but what im trying to say is that it doesnt take a whole lot of money (sub $150) and a little knowledge / reading of graham bell's two stroke performance tuning handbook to get a 66cc china really screaming :P
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