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Originally Posted by BamaJNJ View Post
thanks for the words of encouragement Maniac...i will take heed your advisement...however i am bored and do have a multitude of spare junk and maybe even a lil skill as well...thanks
Reason I stuffed my crank was to get primary compression back from drilling the crank. I decided to run it without stuffing and melted the JB weld and blew out my crank seals. You NEED the pressure to overcome the exhaust gases. However just as maniac said, spare parts. I happened to have a whole spare motor that wouldnt run for spare parts, so I only modify what I know I can replace should something go wrong. Getting arrow reeds? probably should stuff the case, RSE reeds arent too bad for compression loss so they're nearly a bolt-on (aside from reed porting). With the extra transfer from reed porting, you'll want the extra case pressure to prevent exhaust gases from blowing into the case and melting your reeds, seals, or just all-out grenading (because before the reed port, your pressure was concentrated in two transfers. With the extra port, that same pressure is now divided by 3 transfers, lowering transfer pressure). The motor, stock, runs fine. Too much compression and you'll blow all your air/fuel mix straight out the exhaust and waste alot of power and gas, too little, and as stated above, bad things happen. So unless you've modified how your motor is fed it's air/fuel mix, modified parts that dropped your pressure, or increased cylinder compression via a new or modified head, you dont need to stuff it, it's harder on the bearings and seals if you do, so do it out of need, not out of boredom.
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