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Default Re: 40 mile trip EPIC FAIL.. Please Help

Originally Posted by crassius View Post
I doubt your engine is loose because of lack of loctite - when new, those bolts will stretch a bit - stop often and tighten them many times until they finally stay tight
Crassius and I agree on many things but here I want to elaborate a little because this is one of my pet peeves.

There is a BIG difference between "tightening" and checking the torque, of fasteners.
Too many times I have seen the advice given to "tighten the fasteners", either often or even "after every ride". This is the reason so many new and inexperienced builders get into trouble with broken fasteners.

First off, buy a torque wrench and use it. When you decide to "tighten" your fasteners, do not try to get a turn on the wrench or socket every time you do it. Use the torque wrench and CHECK the tightness. If the fastener does not turn when you apply the specified torque value...leave it alone!

All too often the uninitiated mechanic will try to get some turn on the wrench with the mistaken idea that he needs to see the wrench turn to assure that the fastener is tight. NOT SO. You can only tighten a 6 or 8mm fastener so tight before it or the threads it is holding will fail.
Check the tightness of your fasteners. Do not tighten them unless they need it.

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