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Default Re: case stuffing..

What this boils down to for me is the fact that stuffing the case will make VERY LITTLE difference in anything less than a full-bore race motor.
99.999% of humans don't need to try this esoteric stuff because they don't have the knowledge or experience to get anything but disappointed.
By the time you could actually benefit from stuffing the cases, you should know all you need to know to try it.
If you have to ask, you don't need to be fooling with it. It's nothing but a problem waiting to happen without the experience and skill level to make it happen.
There's a REASON race engine builders have huge piles of destroyed engine parts...
and they KNOW what they are doing!
Just get a pipe and a bigger gear and ride it like it was meant to be ridden.
Buy a Morini or KTM if you want a full bore screamer.
Unless you have serious cash and like spending it in big batches, a full race china girl is probably not for you. The cost and level of modification required to get the HT even close to the Morini's power make building the HT a waste of time.
The only way you will ever get the ht to run with the Morini/KTM would be to build one from scratch from all billet.
And even then it would need to be totally redesigned with ignition, porting and balancing upgrades.
Don't waste your time stuffing cases unless you are bored and have lots of spare parts.
Nothing very exciting will ever come of it.
If more is better, then too much is just enough.
If you can't afford it, build it yourself.
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