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Originally Posted by BamaJNJ View Post
thanks tom well ive been looking thru the old posts and seen quite a bit and yes sir i completly understand about proper preparation...just curious about what the current thought on the subject is...i understand you are against jb weld (from older posts ive seen) question i have is what is the approx operating temp of the crankcase under load.. would a laser temp pointer give a accurate enough reading?
I've been asking this a while myself, can never seem to get an answer, but I've used JB weld in the transfer ports which would get considerably hotter than the case due to the direct exposure to exhaust gases. so whatever JB welds melting point is, it's less than that. I have stuffed my case though, but using Permetex copper gasket maker :P probably not advisable, but hey, it works for me. Only reason I used it is because I ran out of JB. Aluminum's failing point in an engine is around 450*F if I remember correctly (I remember seeing a chart but I cant remember what site), not including other factors (proper torquing, good mix, proper timing, etc.).
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