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Default 40 mile trip EPIC FAIL.. Please Help

Hello Everyone.

I live about 40mis from my job (weekend gig) and wanted to try takling the bike to work.. I gave myself 2.5 hours to get there (20mph plus grace)

I had the following mechanical issues.

1: The motor mounts are loosening.. The guy who helped me build the bike talked about epoxy in addition to the physical mount itself. Well it didn't work too well. the engine didn't fall of, but it is wobbling which is giving me issue. I have a standard 66cc setup, like you get from

2: The tube that takes gas from the tank to the engine came disconnected. Is there a way to tighten this up without shutting off the flow of Gas

3. The clutch will not fully realease. This keeps my bike in a position where I must be downhill to pedal manually. What can I do to fix this.

I'm very stubborn, and when I spend money on something. I make it work. Just need the advice to make this happen. What can I do to get this system more reliable?

Thanks so much in advance
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