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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Jumpa View Post
Brilliant idea I'm keeping this one in mind I have a very similar light "the newer bullet style that is and its doing the same thing you described. I can imagine how much brighter it is with all that extra reflective surface surrounding it !! In the bullet light it had what reflective surrounding area?

Whats top speed on this beast? Also whats your sp[ecial premix? That motor looks clean clean clean !!
Top speed is unknown for now.. it cruises at around 40 km/h with less than 1/4 throttle, and feels like it wants to pull out from under me when I open it up from there. On the motor, I cleaned up the intake and exhaust ports; the piston skirt has been cut (on the intake side) to allow maximum intake, it has a 'speed' carb and expansion chamber. Stock 44T sprocket, so it'll hill climb a bit better than my beast's 36T. I'm hoping that when I can afford it I'll be able to put a reed valve on it, that'll give me a major performance change I think. The head and jug have been lapped, as well.

As for the mix, this one's still at around 24:1, due to step up to 40:1 soon. (I use synthetic 2-stroke oil, HP Interceptor I think it's called).


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