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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Krealitygroup View Post
HAHAHA! Yup. Thats in addition to the standard mount. The expoxy is just overkill.. ALTHOUGH, I keep tons of Duct Tape laying around.. You never know what I might have to hobble together
LOL K, ayup!

I used to sail with a guy, a professional marine engineer. He had a special tool box that contained nothing but Duct Tape, bailing wire and weird bits-n-pieces.

No mains, generators or any thing ever failed for long when he was on board. He was an amazing and gifted "Wrench"

Not sure I have ever seen him epoxy parts together though. LOL

I was thinking it is gonna come back to haunt ya but would be funny if it had some sort of positive effect with vibes or some thing.
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