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Default Re: Custom Frame For Thumper Motor

Originally Posted by culvercityclassic View Post
More info chit on the thumper...this time it’s a new exhaust. My neighbors will be relieved.
This is my simple design which allows me to repack if needed. The result as far as sound, it’s now a nice deep tone till you jump on it…then it barks hard…

I plan on building one more exhaust…just need to find 1 in. tubing with a 4 in radius…good luck

Ya like Scotto said...what are you waiting for?
hey Jeff, I'm reliving this thread, and its still just amazing! So. as you know, I have the 200, the cheetah, and If you dont have time to build a frame-I did finally decide on what I believe to be a usable stocker. (and suited for my petite 6'3" 220lb frame.) I will be back in L.A. tomorrow and will be ordering more stuff! But what I want to know is- did you actually ever find 1" tubing with a 4" radius?! or was that purely felicitous? (i've only ever found 5.5") I hope Nebraska was a hoot. JEALOUS! keep the photos coming!!
I havent been this excited about a build in quite some time!
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