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Well I can attest that it runs pretty cool. I ran it around 3 miles. Shut it down a little, then started it and ran around my neighborhood.

I shut it down and pedaled around, only around 1/4 mile at most.
I reached down and touched my fins on engine, and tho hot, they were
nowheres near as hot as when the sun is shining on a car down here!

I could have kept my hand on it. I am running a 7 NKG plug, so that is a cool one. Where I live has tons of cross streets, so I so far am limited as to
how long I can keep it full throttle. Prolly only like 10 to 20 seconds.

Anyways it runs very cool, perhaps my 32 spoke hub keeps it from hyper revving like a 44 tooth tall one would.

So the quote " Lower operating temperatures" seems to ring true!!

I won't be touching the exhaust pipe however.......
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