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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Today I swapped out my 44t chainring for a 36t and installed my new manic adapter and sprocket on a 26" Wheelmaster wheel with a genuine shimano cb110 coaster brake hub. Its so nice to finally have a reliable wheel again. It rolls so smooth and no more wiggle like I had with the other wheel. I had to re-torque the adapter after my test ride though, because it slipped into my spokes. I had used blue threadlocker, but just didnt torque it down right I guess. So I retorqued and double checked both mounting bolts. This all took me about 6 hours, so I didnt get quite everything done that I wanted. Tomorrow its modifying my brake lever to fit in a larger toggle switch. The old one wasnt reliable. Also adjust front brake and put some air in the front tire. Hopefully will not take me as long as it did today. But I'm just so glad to have a reliable wheel after dealing with that piece of junk Huffy wheel for so long.
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