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Default Re: Winter Biking With Currie Bikes

I have the IZip, which is much the same as the as the EZip and I live in Lindsay, so I can tell you what I think. The tires are smooth and horrible in snow , I've gone down twice so far this year. The batteries hate the cold, you get about half the power and distance you normally would. In the summer, they only go for about an hour. They are better than nothing though but seem to rust up very fast so I keep spraying wd40 all over the chrome after every ride.
I just got my new PK-80 kit and will be turning my IZip into a hybrid, having both the gas and electric with the help of that jackshaft from sickbikes.
All in all, these bikes are good bikes for the money and there are many options availible to you. There are those that simply add another battery, and there are those that spend $500 on better batteries, doubling the speed and distance and even adding a second motor that sits alongside the original motor.
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