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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Yesterday I fixed my generator mounts. The generator kept getting pushed away from the tire, and so it wasn't charging my battery. My voltage on my battery dropped to 10v. Not good. It took me all evening, but I finally got it mounted where it cant push away from the tire. And if I ever need to loosen it to do anything with the wheel, its entirely moveable. Tomorrow the bike is getting a bit of an overhaul. I'll be installing a manic adapter and 44t sprocket onto a wheel with a shimano cb110 hub and swapping out the old wheel with the Huffy hub and Howard adapter. I'll also be swapping out a 44t chainring for a 36t, and modifying my brake lever to fit a larger toggle switch to control my headlight. My old toggle switch was not working properly, so I went with a heavier duty one, which is currently hose-clamped to my handlebars until I can get it properly mounted. Thats going to take a little dremel work. I also need to make sure both tires have the right amount of air, and after that I think I'll be good to go.
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