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Talking Re: all but the chain

Originally Posted by Aric View Post
an it would deff help if i could lower the engine its a hella tight fit but **** if it aint broke dont fix it so that s o b staying where it is...also the bolts from my engine stud almost rattled out after the first ride... maybe two mins so used some blue threadlocker loctite
Keep an eye on mounting bolts and exhaust bolts for the first few rides, after you check them a few times they usually take a set and stay tight. Be sure to use a second exhaust mount to hold the muffler from shaking around too.
This is death on exhaust studs. Mount that heavy muffler right!
Also take the time to regrease the hub bearings very soon if you have not already done so. They won't last at motor speeds unless they have grease!
Get a patch kit too!
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