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I made the leap of faith and bought some Opti-2. 10.95 for 12 oz 10 gal size.
Mathwise it comes out about same price as a 24 32:1 ratio oil at 4.99 per 32oz.
Math is my worst subject so don't quote me on it. I ran the numbers and it was close enough that I sprung for the Opti.

Ratio I decided to measure out in a 10ml graduated cylinder. And the
bottle is accurately calibrated to 1.28oz or 37.85ml. I put in about 38.?? whatever, so a lil lil rich. Now the oil mark is off, but I will just get calipers and
score the bottle to the new line. So the in the bottle version it is measured out for 100:1.

Bike kicked over quickly. I was unsure about the choke setting, but I believe I started it and ran it without using it. The idle was not set right
so i was unsure if I was choking it or what as nit kept dying out unless i was on throttle a little.

Ran around the block for like 10 to 15 minutes in two shifts. It seemed rich.
I have a KnN style air filter, and I wrapped a thin foam prefilter around it.
Put some oil in both. Perhaps that is wats boggin me. No dieseling or knocking, but the throttle goes further, but no more power comes on.
When I have the clutch pulled in it revs a lot higher, mind freaking vibrator!!!!
I have 32 tooth hub so maybe its not at right gear ratio to hit peak rpm. Honestly its fast enough as it it!!

Anyways cooled down and pulled plug. Blackish soot on plug, so it is rich, and that's how I'm leaving it considering the 100:1 ratio of oil.

The packet mystery, someone said its because Canadian gallons are more, but its sold in USA. Also the site has no information posted on what ratio to use. So who knows??? The 12 oz bottle dispenses 100:1.

Yayy I can use the bike running icon now!!!

Oh and Opti is semi synthetic, and I like that. The petroleum base keep the
engine juicy best!!! Synthetics burn off easier.

So any advice on jetting appreciated. More of the part of how you figure out why it is necessary. Thanks..
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