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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I'm always curious about folks who decide to run Opti-2 but don't use it at the recommended 100:1 ratio that it is formulated to run. I've read many times that, "I use Opti @50, 75, 80:1" Why not use is like it's supposed to be used?

Seems to me that you're missing some of the benefits of this lubricant by using more than you need. Price alone is a big reason, not to mention several others. I've been using it exclusively for quite a while, breaking in and some hard running @ 100:1 and never had a problem.


The only local source I have for the Opti2 is in small 1.8oz prepackaged amounts, package is stated to be for use in one gallon of gas, the recommended mix that the small package has figures out to be 72:1, I normally put about 1.2 gallons of fuel in my jug and add one 1.8oz packet of Opti2 this actually figures out to around 85:1.
100:1 is 1.28oz of oil per gallon which I know from all the guys here that use it is a great mix, but I have always just used it at the 80-85:1 mix which is actually less oil in the mix than is recommended with the 1.8oz prepackaged Opti2 I buy at my local hardware store, what i get is called the Eviro Formula, maybe that is why it is a different mix ratio that is recommended....?????

Maybe I haven't been running the better oil this entire time, maybe there is a difference in the EVIRO FORMULA and the standard opti2, someone who can snswer this please do...

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