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Default Re: 100:1 Mix

Dont need to call anyone, the people here who have been using Opti2 for years now will continue to use it with the same great results no matter what someone at some lawnmower shop has to say about it, I beenrunning it for 3 years, I run an 80:1 mix in every 2 smoker engine I own, not a failure yet....
To me its all about whatever a person wants to do, personally I use Opti2 with confidence just like evryone else who has had great service from the product.
There are other oils that are good and will give just as good of service im sure but as long as I can get Opti2 locally II'll continue to use it and enjoy the performance and lack of smoke and odor I have with my engines.
No oil can prevent a mechanical failure when the mechanic of an engine come apart, but ill say that if the engine was tuned right and the mix was right im gonna go out on a limb here and say that the Opti2 will probably in some cases allow an engine to work a bit longer even though it is headed for failure than it would if it had a lower quality cheapy oil in it.

And the Opti2!

Peace, map
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