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Default Re: Painting the motor?

Originally Posted by CycleTyrant View Post
I want to do this project in the next couple of days on my bike.

im wondering if the motor can be sprayed too so i can save hours of my time? And just wrapping what i don't want sprayed in cloths . Is this a good idea? is there a special paint for motors? Can i just use regular flat black Spray?
First off, your not going to build a safe one of these in a "Couple of days" Cause your new. And if your waiting on answers from us, you may wanna extend that clock a little.

As to your question, I would suggest going with a normal paint especially if your on a budget. The problem with that, is that it will scratch and flake off.

I've had a little experience with "VHT primer and enamel" found at autozones/orielys and it seems like the paint is a little tougher but not impervious to scratches, it is good with fuel spills though.

so to your question, yes, you can use regular paint, but it will scratch off eventually and if gas gets on it, you can expect to have to repaint it.
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