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Well i was calling around the Listed Opti Dealers and i found one dealer who said they did not use it anymore as there were too many breakdowns. He said the catalytic converters made the engines run hotter, and they were seizing.

I'm not saying opti is bad, just what the guy told me at a lawnmower place.

Ok next store they stopped stockin it because the price went up. No one complained about the oil, she laughed, the people complained just the price going up. So there the customers liked it.

Another dealer said he used it, but not anymore, as he was a lawnmower place and
burned through too much of it, pursestrings his deciding factor as well. He said it was the best oil. quoted me 24 dollars on 32 oz.

So call the lawnmower shops that show up in your OPTI dealer search and pick they're brains.
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