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Default Re: What exactly is a "Schwinn" bicycle

Originally Posted by Qdot View Post
An older schwinn is worth about 200 - 350 bucks any day of the week. 600 dollars is wayyy to much unless its all original has the original papers it came with and all the accesories. Even then that is still way to high. Maybe its just my area but i would never pay that much money. You can get a 1950 J.C higgins for 500 and those are super rare.
Well I guess that is why this one is still on CL? 1957 SCHWINN PANTHER Oh yeah, that's right $600 cdn is worth what these days USD? Roughly $486. Such a deal.

I agree that getting the best possible price for anything is the way to go no matter what. But I would rather give either of those guys 6 bills for their old quality Schwinns than whatever they want for one down at the big box. Or even a Felt cruiser actually. But that is personal preference and I am not in the market for anything even remotely like that so now I will stay quiet about it.
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