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Ok i have two points not mentioned so far. Ummmm goto the Opti site and type in your
zip code, and voila!!! There will be whoever sells it locally. Beats calling around.

Next, back in 2011 or so, some guy from Arizona was complaining about his engine running hot. No one suggested that he switch plug heat ranges. 5 to 6, or 6 to 7 to
drop the temperature. Im gonna run a NKG BP7HS here in Florida, peak summer temps at the moment. Feels like 106 degrees!!! Horrible time to work on a bike, totally sweaty and greasy hands!!!

I bought Valvoling General Purpouse TC-W3. But as stated earlier seems these two oils don't get along well. Glad I read all this before I opened the Valvoline.

Oh and a few posts earlier, i thought that this oil is a non synthetic oil to start with.

I would like to say or call Opti 2 a Flux Fill oil. The "whatever the components are" hang in suspension until a critical lack or lube flow or melt temperature is reached. Then it melts into the hot spot, filling it like a moly type oil. Filling it like a flux solder.

I have my carb needle, it is a 4 cut setting type, set on the 3rd from bottom, or 2nd from top position, whichever you prefer. I have a HiPo air filter on it, .30 on sparker gap. This good for 75:1 to 80:1 break in and 100 to 1 running?

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