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Default Re: Scrounging pays off yet again!

we have similar pleasure in finding the treasures-- kind of like destiny --rather than the order- pay and wait routine
I have over 30 years doing the scrapyards of la know the owners a long time
but it is kind of in my blood --my Russian grandfather started with a pushcart in New York City after escaping Russia during the Russian revolution

his scraping and my father's ingenuity rubbed off
it is just too cool to buy a craftsman drill press or rigid mitering saw for 25 bucks and I won't even get into what I pay for some sensational bikes and motors -antique items machines of all makes and descriptions --inventions in the making --metal of all types and description for 10-25% of the cost the retail buyers pay fill my 95 beater Nissan maxima to the brim and then some worrying the black AND whites are going to want to know just what the he-- I am doing with everything in -on -and around my car as I cruise home with the days treasures --when as I said destiny plays its hand

it's an addiction that is hard to break-- treasure hunting-- but drives my wife crazy-- she just does not get it or maybe it is me who does not get it with the yards full of stuff and just goat trails to maneuver through
but it warms my soul -- just my stuff

happy hunting one and all

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