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Default Re: What exactly is a "Schwinn" bicycle

I vote for #2. I bought a Huffy Cranbrook for parts to finish my Monarch build. I wanted the fork,fenders,bars,rear wheel for a coaster brake front wheel., seat,gooseneck, about all but the frame and front wheel,minus tire and tube. I had a dandy wreck when the flimsy riveted bracket on the front fender failed and the fender wrapped around the front wheel, crushing it due to shortening of the rear struts. I went down on my right shoulder and knee hard for a 72 year old. I contacted the factory about buying a new fender and told them I salvaged the spokes and had a rim to use. They sent me a new fender and wheel free of charge and a note of appology. It turned out to be a heavier chrome fender. the other was thin stainless steel. The fender strut was about 1/32" bigger diameter wire. It is obvious they sell to Walmart to a standard and price set by them. A Cranbrook is $80, a REAL Cranbrook $140 from Huffy They are a class act in my books, although I prefer the stainless fender and managed to salvage it for use. The chrome one rusted. The Cranbrook crank helped put the HT in a Schwinn cruiser frame as the engine was too low to clear the Schwinn crank. I had to use a small girl's sprocket to clear the bottom of the engine. KW
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