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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Liquid wrench and W-D 40 type products are not meant for lubricating anything really, you'd be better off applying some 3 in 1 oil than liquid wrench, that stuff wont last around the block for a chain lube, it does have it's uses but not as a chain lube on a motorized bike, I ride in very dusty conditions and I do not oil my chains period..... I do coat them with a dry chain lube that sprays on as a liquid, penetrates all the moving parts of the chain and then dries leaving a slick Teflon coating on all the parts I then apply some Maxima Chain Wax, my chains hold up well even though they are covered with dust always, oil attracts every kind of dust and dirt around and will cause the chain to be all caked up and nasty.

pics show what I use and I have yet to wear out a chain or have one break on me on three bikes and the oldest was built in 2009 and has 2000+ miles on it now.

A high-performance, O-ring safe chain lubricant, DuPont™ Teflon® Chain-Saver Lubricant utilizes a patented formulation, so it resists dirt or will not fling off the chain. It can help chains and sprockets last up to five times longer.

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