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Default Re: Tools and tips needed for assembling Motorized Bicycle kits

Okay I got the chain situated, next problem is very confusing and aggravating . My brother went and turned the screw on the speed carb all the way to the right. The motorized bicycle was starting to get going(sluggish,and not yet idling)when going down hills. The engine would stay running a bit and then die when the bike came to a stop. Now thanks to my kid brother the motorized bicycle doesn't stay running how it was, it does not idle what so ever. All wires are intact and engine is turning(I def can hear it)but I still cant get the damn thing runnin(thanks lil brother. Also what is the best setting for the needle in carb? Is there a nominal setting for the clutch cable? I have it set like this: I push the clutch arm on eng. to the right ,to where I start to feel it cant go any further without pushing,then I clamp the cable down. So I wish I could get the screw on carb back to factory settings......

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