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Default Re: Hello from Alaska

Just a suggestion but first I'd look around for a vintage bike to use as the foundation. A new Worksman is nice, but a balloon tire bike from the 1950's and earlier makes a nice foundation for a motored bicycle. Quality from back when things were American made to last.

And regardless of what people say about the 2 stroke kits, they are a good introduction to this hobby and you can always upgrade parts as you go or even change the engine to a four stroke or whatever. Start pretty simple, in other words, and as your knowledge and skill increase then either do a second build or keep changing the original one. You'll know better what you want as you gain some experience. The PK-80 china girl motor is a good one for a kit motor. I don't know who all carries them Pirate cycles, I think, is one.

I don't regret starting out the way I have suggested for you. If I had started with too big of an undertaking I might have gotten frustrated and given up. Glad I didn't! A lot of accomplished builders here still use the kit motors. If they were complete junk, they wouldn't use them.

Lot's of fine people here who will be glad to help you. Always post photos of what you're doing. We like pictures. Welcome to the forum!
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