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Default Re: Toasted a wheel bearing on my Cranbrook.

Yes, I've inspected my bearing races. They're smooth with no apparent distortion or breakage.

Still, I'm fairly well convinced that this hub is not going to be good enough in the long run. Shopping for parts on e-bay last night I found myself tempted toward a 3-speed hub. Problem is I've never owned that type of bike and don't know how to rig up that sort of hub. No doubt I could figure it out, perhaps with the help of Sheldon Brown. But I don't want my bike to be down for the time it takes me to learn how to lace a wheel, install and adjust the shifting mechanism, etc.

The answer, I suppose, is to cobble my bike together using the existing hub and then get to work on building myself a wheel that's really up to the task.

I haven't made concrete plans on this yet. But that's the way I'm thinking.
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