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Default Re: spedo/odometer question

If you get one of the the "generic conventional shocks, air cooled" variants, something like the 75-704 - all the instructions, fasteners, senders, connectors & wiring you'll need will be included, but read the fine print if purchasing from ebay or whatever to be sure it's complete. They do sell replacement senders ofc, but you'll not want to get them separately due to the cost increase.

While oddly it's possible to get Trailtech's products for less elsewhere, their website has extensive information & instruction, here's the PDF for the Vapor for example;

Just as a BTW - you'll note they've a seemingly endless selection of different models, here's just the list of "motorcycle" ones - I think there's really only a few different versions, of those the computer itself is the same & fully programmable so it's just what senders are or aren't included & all essentially three categories: air or water cooled and conventional or inverted shocks and disk or drum brake (conventional would be the choice for even a bike w/no front suspension) so it's not nearly as confusing as it's presented.

I think they did that so folks whom only know what they're riding by year, make & model can figure out what to get *shrug*

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