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Default Re: Hello from Freewheeler2

Thank you for the warm welcome to the Forum Silverbear and 2door. Just like you Silverbear I too am a boy that never grew up and' now I have a new toy to play with! I just love riding my bike. I guess I do have gas in my bloodstream!.

Thank you 2door for the kind compliments re my bike. I loved putting it together. Now that it is run in and off the rich mixture I have been able to tune it so that it purrs like a kitten (well, almost! LOL). Motorized bikes are popular here but even so riding around the streets draws a lot of attention with many smiles and waves (Perth is a friendly city) from the pedestrians. I've even had a few wave me down so that they could have a closer look. I noticed in one of the posts the comment that one will get more attention on a motorized bike than a 100k Harley. How true!
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