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Default Flat Tires and Land Mines

Got my first flat tire yesterday. I consider myself very lucky but then I never go off road. Anyway, I went to the bike store to pick up a new tube, I was still running the old original in the front and it wasn't a puncture proof. While there I ran across tire liners made with Kevlar. $39.95, each. Wow! That's pricey. I read the package and the manufactuer guarantees against punctures in the tread. (Not the sidewall) but darn, for over $80.00 after taxes for both wheels I think I'll live with a bottle of 'Slime" and take my chances. At least until they start laying land mines in Colorado.
Anyone have any experience with these high dollar items? Do they work?
Just curious. I'm approaching the magic 500 miles mark and this is my first flat. Just doesn't seem like a worthwhile investment for me.
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