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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Well, today was eventful.
Sort of...

While riding, my chain finally went snapo. Unbeknowst to me, taking a tooth off the engine sprocket with it. Sh1t. Well, I just made a new chain, so I ran it anyway. Runs fine.

Here's the scary part: the engine wouldn't fire properly. Oh crap. Misfiring like nobodies business. So I pull it back by it's normal resting place, figuring I'll jack with it tomorrow.

Engine is backfiring through the carb, spitting smoke through the carb and exhaust. Great, engine is gone. I look down and see arcing on the frame. WTF? It's the ground wire arcing! It had decided to come out of it's connection. Great! So I fix that, try to ride it. No fire. Damn.

Look down, what do you know? The hot wire off the mag decided it wanted to come out too. Stick that sucker back in, hop back on, clear the fuel from the engine and it fires right up and takes off.

Me gusta.

Got a couple pictures later.
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