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Default Whats up from Kentucky

So I guess Im here because of boredom and I found 6 old weedeater engines and 1 chainsaw engine in my shed. So what a better thing to do than strap them to a bicycle. Ive been doing some reading and researching but still really havnt found the answers Im looking for. I know I want a cruiser style bike to start with but I tjink I want gears to assist with take off, speed, and hills. I know its not going to be a sport bike by any means but I would like it to pull me aroind town fairly effortlesly and a little faster than walking pace. However most cruisers dont come with gears for cheap so is this possible with a single speed bike. Also I dont think I want a friction system. Ive looked through some of the sponsor links but trying to find detail of what said part is used for is pretty rare. So for what I have deacribed can someone point me in the right direction.
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