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Default Re: Newb Troubleshoot help

I got her second hand without the in-line fuel filter, so I should clean the carb.

I`m pretty sure its not stolen, since the guy I got it from seemed trustworthy, said he built it and needed another project. and proved trustworthy about it starting after I replaced the clutch cable. He also had intimate knowledge of the bike; advertised in a public place and gave me a box of spare parts along with the bike. He also looked like he had better things to do than bike theft(Everyone I know who rides bike has had a bicycle stolen).I`ve recorded the serial #`s from the bottom of the frame, where the pedals meet. and plan on etching the #`s onto the block.

So, my new muffler bolts held together, and caused More shaking to transfer into the muffler, which broke my muffler in two pieces. I pulled the tensioner wheel up, and pushed it farther back on the frame before that happened. The engine chain is now as tight as the bicycle chain. It was running pretty smooth before the muffler broke. Also the new chain tension stops the chain from slapping the back wheel.
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