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Default Re: quick ??

i was lucky enough to find and read this thread on Opti2 before i got my bike and based on the opinions expressed in this thread i decided to give Opti2 a try.

100:1 Mix bike now has just under 500 miles on it, all with Opti2 at 100 to 1, and she runs like a bat out of h3ll, ...i had her up to 39.5mph the other day and it scared the crap out of me, lol.

...anyway, if you read that thread you'll find that it isn't just this old noob who loves the stuff, it's some very experienced builders who swear by it, ...heck, it was their opinion that convinced me.

...btw, my bike also runs very clean with no oily mess nor any dark cloud of smoke trailing behind me.

good luck with your bike and welcome to the forum and to the hobby.

peace, bozo
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