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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

The first batch of parts arrived. (49cc jug and piston, mounting bracket, and Banana looking expansion pipe.) (I Ordered a couple kits and parts for friends they bought my pipe for me.)

Went for a Ride.

Slapped the Expansion chamber on the bike. One of the Exhaust studs stripped out when i took the old muffler off so I used what i had handy to fix it. I had a 10mm bolt that was to long, so i put the 10mm nut on the bolt added the washers, threaded the bolt in until it bottomed out, and tightened the nut down on the flange. works so well i plan to do the other the same way.
Nice improvement on the low end, but the top end dropped off a bit.
I looked at the pipe before i put it on and knew I would be doing some work on it, but needed to get some new bit, stones and Sand paper for the Dremel.

Went for a Ride.

The Kits i ordered for friends arrived at about 11AM. (this would never happen if the parts were for me.) Bob and Todd picked up the kits and started working on there Bikes.

Went for a Ride.

bought tips and some new wrenches.
Bob and Todd completed there builds. (I lent a hand when they needed, but they didn't need much help.( not there first bikes.))

Went for a Ride with Bob, Todd, and Greggo. I wanted to smack Greg upside the head a couple times for STUPID maneuvers he made.
best way to put express Todd's feelings about his new bike?

The funny part of the first ride is Bob saying it gonna be Wide open right from the get go, and Todd saying he is going to baby it during break in. They did just the opposite.

Pulled the Jug and Piston, Cleaned up the Transfers, notched the skirt on the intake side. It is still not completely open, but close to it.

Went for a Ride. Bike seemed to perform better.


Pulled the Jug and Piston again.
The Welds and pipe fit at the flange of the Expansion pipe were TERRIBLE. (I should have taken pictures) So I spent some time this morning working on that. Followed that up with a little work on the Piston crown at the transfers and Exhaust. (Minor changes) did a bit of reading, and used Fred's Ebay Pistons as a guide.

After I put the bike back together I took it out for a test ride. Couldn't get the Bike to start, pulled over to have a look, and connected the plug wire.
Did a couple laps, and the Bike Died, pulled the gas cap, Yup you know it, Out of Gas. Pedaled about a block back home, and put some gas in.

So how did My Mods work out you ask?

Very well. the bike has good power all around. Strong off the line, and the top end speed is back. Can't wait until I actually get it broke in.
Time to go mix up my 3rd Gallon of gas(50:1), and go for a Ride.

I noticed today when i pulled the jug that the Carbon on the piston was burning off, which tells me i must be doing something right with the mods.
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