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Default Re: Advice about advice - member profile pages

I think, too, that a certain amount of humility is in order when we're about to spout off opinions on what is the best way to do something or best paint, best bike, etc. I've only used a limited number of paint brands, have virtually no experience with new bikes, am not a great mechanic, have personal experience with a limited variety of frames, engines, tires, lights, etc. It is safer to say, "this is how I built such and such"..."I like these tires and bought a second set because..." or when we are advising others... to qualify by saying "my understanding is" or "in my opinion" instead of acting like every thought in your head is an incontestable fact or that the way you have done something is the right way to do it because that is the way you did it and you like to sound "right". What if your advise leads someone to waste their money or they end up getting hurt? Yet, we want to help and want to take part in the give and take of this forum. That's a good thing. Just be careful in the advice we give and be careful in accepting the advice we receive. Being responsible and respectful will go a long way here.
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