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Default Re: Safety running WOT (i'm scared)

I've only ever had my bike at WOT once. I have no speedo so I have no clue how fast I was going. It wasn't for all that long. The vibes were a bit more intense; it was a bit louder; the bugs hit me harder, but outside of that - not real scary. Keep in mind though, I've been tuning mine off and on over the years, and I keep nuts at proper tightness and bearings properly lubed. Sometimes I tinker for no reason other than I just love to.

However, my preferred method of riding is determined by my bike's comfort zone. On level ground when I get up to about somewhere between 25 and 30 mph I'm guessing, the motor hits just the right revs. And it just hums really smoothly. And it glides at a really nice clip, almost effortlessly. And I hate to move the throttle even a little bit 'cause the bike feels happy like that.

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