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Default Re: I finally got one

We're glad you joined up. You've got a nice looking bike there.

This is a good time to bring up an idea that I've been pondering. What about replacing the bolts holding the rear of the fender to the stay with plastic bolts? The should be available at a decent hardware store. And they'd just rip away if that fender got caught on the tire. Then the stays would not wrap around the axle. This should save the rider from flip-over. Or at least help the odds.

But back to the subject; you'll be able to find all sorts of good info here. The 'search' tool is useful.

But I've also found it useful to just read, read, and read. I just click on any thread headline that looks interesting and read until I've finished the thread or lost interest. Then I click on another. I've learned a lot and it's saved me from errors that I likely would have made otherwise.

Good luck and have fun.
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