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Default Re: Tools and tips needed for assembling Motorized Bicycle kits

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
I find a Sharpie felt pen to work the best for marking the exact pin on a chain link.......


One last note is screw drivers, I am almost anal about them in the shop.
I have one set of really good ones that are ONLY to be used for turning screws, and a whole pile of what I call my 'Primitive Pete' screwdrivers, these are the ones you can use as a lever, pry bar, beating tool, etc. as their business end has already been compromised.

If and when a good tool can't do it's intended job it gets tossed in the PP Pile and replaced as few things are worse than stripping out a new screw head because your tool was crap.
That Sharpie idea is a good one.

Non-worn screwdriver blades is a good thing. This strategy listed above is the sort of thing that we all should know, but hardly ever think about. I think I'm gonna try to do better on that.

I suppose I ought to try to take better care of all of my tools, for that matter.

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