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Default Re: Tools and tips needed for assembling Motorized Bicycle kits

Originally Posted by crassius View Post
oh, before cutting chain, tie a string thru the link you want gone (don't recall how many times I cut wrong link)
I find a Sharpie felt pen to work the best for marking the exact pin on a chain link you want to remove, be sure when you break it you end up with the small end and not the connecting tabs on that end!

I bought a cable cutter a couple years back and find I use it on every build to cut down cables that are too long like the clutch cable or brake cables, the only cable you can't cut to fit so you don't have a 'plate of spilled spaghetti' look on your handlebars is the throttle cable as it has nubs on each end.

Get a little bottle of blue LockTight and use it on your motor and tank mount nuts.

Get a front brake, even a simple $15 side pull caliper for the front please, it is just foolish to ride with just one brake, and a helmet too please, you are going to need both when your coaster brake self destructs right when you need it.

One last note is screw drivers, I am almost anal about them in the shop.
I have one set of really good ones that are ONLY to be used for turning screws, and a whole pile of what I call my 'Primitive Pete' screwdrivers, these are the ones you can use as a lever, pry bar, beating tool, etc. as their business end has already been compromised.

If and when a good tool can't do it's intended job it gets tossed in the PP Pile and replaced as few things are worse than stripping out a new screw head because your tool was crap.
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