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Default Re: Anyone ever tried putting a pool of oil in the bottom of a China Girl crankcase?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I'm wondering why nobody has thought to ask how you plan to get the oil in the crankcase in the first place.

Actually that is the easiest part of the whole thing..... you just drill a 11.3 Millimeter hole through the case preferably right through one of the transfer port passages, stick the end of the oil filled squirt can in the hole and give it about 23-38 good squirts of 40W non-Detergent China Lube Snake Oil, then when you're done, clean it real good with Ching Pow brand Fingernail polish remover to get all the oil off the surface around the 11.3mm hole, then you will want to plug up the hole with a healthy amount of bright red Metric J-B Weld, the SAE stuff just wont stick to the Chinese Aluminum.

See, it's really quite simple when you have the right tools and understand how all of this works.

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