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Hi guise, I`m SmokerX. I just bought a pre-installed 80cc on a schwinn beach cruiser. I would have just built my own, but no matter how I added it up it was cheaper to get this pre-install.(i got a good deal).

After replacing the broken clutch cable with a Bicycle brake cable, it started right up. It shook real bad, so I tightened the nuts and bolts that attached the engine to the frame(fixed most of the shaking). The spark plug unscrews, when shaking, So I tightened down with an adjustable open end model wrench(fixed). Then the muffler bolts shook loose, So I replaced the lock nuts and added lockwashers(fixed, although im thinking about adding a giant metal hose clamp to hold the muffler to the frame). I`m also thinking about adding a glue type product to lock the threads of the nuts and bolts, if need be. Maybe rubber spacers between the engine and frame, Like spacers for a skateboard between the trucks and the board, to reduce vibrations transferred into the frame. I also unscrewed the carb and rinsed the filter with water.

So, Then the chain started falling off and I crushed my finger, Not realizing the chain was frozen in the Clutch, from a single link falling off the gear tooth in the clutch. After opening up the clutch and re-chaining that gear. the chain unfroze and re-chained the wheel gear. That`s where I am now. the engine chain looks loose.

1. does the chain sit on top of or under the plastic guide wheel that sends the chain to the back wheel.?

2. The choke is in chinese. So is the choke lever up or down to choke?( i forget when I opened the carb.)

3. Is my chain too loose since its slipping? (chain falls off at full throttle)

4. My carb leaks gas from where the plastic piece fits to the metal. Does it need a gasket there? (it doesn`t have one)

Thanks In advance for any help with this. Sorry for any redundancy. I`m drowning in a sea of information. I`ll keep posting more questions here If that`s alright.
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