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Default Re: Anyone ever tried putting a pool of oil in the bottom of a China Girl crankcase?

it goes against the principals of a two stroke engine. the reason you add oil to the fuel is so the oil lubricates the moving parts, which is why two strokes don't have oil pans. a four stroke doesn't get washed with the fuel/oil mixture and has seperate compartments. one to lube the internals and one containing the fuel/air charge.

adding oil to the crankcase of a two stroke would be the same as running an extremely rich fuel/oil mixture, only worse, because you're dumping the pre-mixed fuel and oil into a pure oil bath.

if it ran at all, the oil would be burnt up immediately, or just flushed out the exhaust port, resulting in a clogged up pipe and an oily mess.

trying to add an external oil pan wouldn't work either, because the mechanics of a two stroke uses the mixture and the charged piston to circulate everything through all the engine components. you'd have to isolate the crankcase from the oil, and then you'd have a four stroke.

make sense now?
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