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Default Re: Safety running WOT (i'm scared)

I know how you feel bro. When I first got my bike/engine I was the same way "HOW FAST CAN I GO!" Now even though I know I CAN hit 40 I stick around 28. I hate the vibrations and shudder at the thought of wiping out at 35+(even though I do wear a helmet and gloves). I have a setup like yours and run a 36t sprocket and love it. My bottom end doesn't suffer much and I have a pretty good top end.
Riding with traffic here in Vegas is not easy, I try to stay as far to the right as possible but that forces me into about a two foot wide space to stay and sometimes it uncomfortable. I prefer the sidewalk sometimes where I KNOW that I won't get hit from behind.
Living in the city I see so many of those cheap scooters that can only do 40 mph driven by people who shouldn't be on the road. Wearing no shirt, shorts, and flip flops, with their girlfriend on the back, taking up an enitre lane, talking on their cell phones, going under the speed limit in rush hour and it pi$$es me off!
But enough of the rant. I try to be a safe driver when I am out there with traffic, and I know I cannot keep up so I try to be as far out of their way as possible.
I too don't believe these engines are meant to be run WOT all the time. Ride it comfortably and how you are happy with it.
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