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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Trueing a wheel is the one thing I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to learn how to do. Up until now I've been content paying a bike shop to do it. I have done literally everything else to my bikes, from servicing hubs and bottom brackets to changing tires and pressing in bearing cups. I just never thought I would figure out how to true a wheel. But it was kind of necessary at this point for me to learn to do it myself, because I couldn't afford to order a new hub adapter AND pay to have the wheel trued. I also can't wait till my next paycheck for one or the other, since my bike is my transportation to work. So it was either learn to do it myself or take the bus for the next two weeks. I had a little cash on hand from making tips, just in case I absolutely had to take the wheel to the bike shop after screwing it up trying to do it myself. But once I got everything set up and got started, I realized I would be able to true the rim myself. And boy, what a sense of accomplishment. Now I can literally say that there is not one thing I haven't done to my bike myself, at least mechanically speaking (I didn't weld the dang frame, lol but everything else was done with my own two hands). I feel like a master mechanic now, lol.
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